• What is the Flex Cable Bonding Machine?

    To provide a better service for the cellphone repair to your customers, you had better get one flex cable bonding machine to repair or change the cable of mobile phones. You can get profits through upgrade your repair or refurbished skills by using cellphone repair machines.

    9 2019-05-20
  • What is the Bubble Remover Machine and how it helps to repair phone screens?

    To solve the problem with repairing and refurbishing the cellphone screens, many OCA Bubble Removal Machines are coming up on the cellphone repair market. It is a good helper to assist you in fixing cellphones perfectly in a short time, and it is so easy for you to operate with higher safety factor. However, you should finish all steps with lamination of the glass and LCD screen before you use a machine to remove the bubbles which remain on the cellphone screens.

    12 2019-05-15
  • What is the LCD Separator Machine and how it helps to repair cellphone screens?

    To promote the business of repairing mobile phones and tablets in a short time, it is the best choice for you to purchase the LCD Separator Machine. It can help you solve many problems with refurbishing the screens of mobile phones and tablets.

    26 2019-05-09
  • What is OCA lamination machine and how is it affecting phone repair

    Are you trouble in poor repairing of cellphones, maybe you lack a useful helper-OCA Laminating Machine. The machine that you can apply to many problems with mobile phones or tablets.

    27 2019-05-06

About Our Company

Our company was established in 2012.We specialize in mobile phone screen repair eq- uipment. we are a high-tech enterprise with the service of research and development, production,sales and after-sale.Since the foundation of the company , our  vision is to manufacture the products which enjoy the reputation abroad.We are determine to provide the best equipment and five star service. After years of continuous development, our product line has covered the screen separation,  remove glue, put the film, laminating , remove bubble and other machines. Through years of rapid development, the products have been sold to more than and  30 provinces and the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Africa, South America and other countries and cities around the world, and products have  been across the board through the European Union CE and the United States FC  certification,in full compliance with international export standards.